“You’re Brave Enough: 8 Daily Practices to Be Your Own HERO” is for you if you:

have ever felt lost, scared or alone

have experienced shame around your past or pieces of your past

are sick of hiding yourself from others

want to feel more connected to your intuition

want to feel empowered

want to love yourself unconditionally

are you ready to dig deep and proceed on the greatest exploration you will ever embark upon

are ready to roar, “Here I am and I am Mother F’ing Worthy”

You’re Brave Enough isn’t just another “self-help” book. It’s an experience that takes you to the edge of your comfort zone, then empowers you to brave beyond through exploration so you Stand Tall, Speak Boldly & Own Your Power!

Clint Eastwood said, “Sometimes, if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.”

No knight in shining armor is coming to save you. Even if he did, how can he save you from the thoughts and beliefs you use to belittle and judge who are? You’re the only one who has the power to change your life. No one can do it for you.

You’re Brave Enough walks you through a journey to become your own HERO. You can move from the darkness of shame and self-rejection to owning all of who you are confidently. You can find your power

In You’re Brave Enough, Amanda retraces the steps she took to discover her power and feel confident and comfortable in herself. This book introduces you to the 8 HERO practices that transformed her life. You’re given an opportunity to explore where you’ve been holding yourself back. This is no how-to formula. It’s the blueprint which allows you to uncover and trust your own wisdom.

In a world where we‘re fed messages that we’re not good enough as we are, You’re Brave Enough reminds you that it’s in the acceptance of your uniqueness and imperfections that you can stand tall, speak your truth, own your power, release what’s holding you back and brave beyond.

You have something special the world needs. It’s time to honor and love every part of yourself. As you heal, we all heal.

What Women are saying about You’re Brave Enough:

“Amanda is honest and real in her writing. She demonstrates the strength being vulnerable holds for each of us and acknowledges the creative intelligence we develop at such a young age and how that impacts the way we perceive our world.” Antonia P.

“I found myself nodding my head in agreement several times. I can totally relate to her message. It helped me stop and celebrate how far I’ve come.” Sandy E.

“You’re Brave Enough takes you through a mental journey many of us are afraid to take but so need to embark upon in order to break free from the very chains we’ve imprisoned ourselves with. This book is truly thought provoking, inspiring and life changing.” Andrea G.

“I LOVE “You’re Brave Enough!” Reading it made me feel validated and understood.  Amanda has a great way of offering guidance and support.” Sarah C.

“As a mother and grandmother, I want to share this book with my daughters and granddaughters because it can help them to connect with their inner strength so they can move forward positively and not let the trials of their life define them negatively.” Roberta B

“For any woman who is questioning herself or wondering about her life then this book is for you!! Amanda offers thought provoking questions to help the reader find the answers that are already within us. I finally realize that I CAN forgive myself and Amanda demonstrates that forgiveness is an act of self love. Amanda and You’re Brave Enough are not only inspiring but they encourage us to find our own light. It’s money well spent and a gift I will be giving to other women I know.” Maegan W.

Amanda have been featured on several podcasts, sharing her story and why we must honoring ourselves and our past, including: Love is a Verb Podcast, Episode 240 and The Rod and Cyndee Podcast, Episode 6

Amanda's Message to You!

I want to thank you personally for your interest in  “You’re Brave Enough: 8 Daily Practices to Be Your Own HERO.” For years, I struggled with low self-esteem and confidence issues. I was critical of myself and scared. Scared that if I didn’t do what others wanted then I would be rejected. Scared that if I put myself first and spoke my truth, I would be not only rejected but also criticized for it. I spent years disowning parts of myself because I felt ashamed and unlovable and feared rejection because it confirmed my deepest fear, I was unworthy of love. As hard as I tried to be someone and something I wasn’t, I couldn’t get away from myself. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to hide who I really was, that I started to experience a shift. As I started to make peace with my past and fully embrace my story and all of my experiences and choices, I found my power. I started to feel loved and accepted which allowed me to start fully appreciating who I was and how it makes me who I am today. Through my own personal growth, I realize that self acceptance and understanding are a huge part of what makes me enough. (and the same is true for you) I firmly believe that we all have a story, and our story is powerful, because we are powerful.

It is my passion to encourage and inspire all women to find their power and to fully embrace who they are and where they have been. I believe I am an Exploration Guide, here to help you find your own answers, because you already have the wisdom you seek. The goal of all the work I do, whether it be though individual coaching, workshops, retreats and/or my writing, is that women, just like you, leave feeling more confident and comfortable in their skin, stand taller and own who they are, learn to define themselves on their terms, boldly speak their truth, harness their power and ROAR loudly, “Here I Am and I am Worthy.”

In case you’re wondering, my book “You’re Brave Enough” is for women like you. Women who want to fully immerse themselves in surrendering to the power of accepting and loving who they are by walking through their darkness so they can celebrate and honor who they have become. Women who want to embrace the strength, beauty and power they already possess. Women who want to connect with themselves and cultivate a deeper sense of intuition and self-trust. Women who want to heal past wounds, in order to be fully present in their lives and living a life they love.

Always Remember, You are Powerful, Amazing, Capable, Courageous, Stronger Than You Think, More Beautiful Than You Can Comprehend and Wiser Than You Know, all because you are you.

Much Love and Support

Amanda (2)


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