With the Fall Season upon us and the holiday season around the corner, we will be tempted more now than ever to enjoy something sweet and yummy.  So in order to help you dodge temptation and stay on track I wanted to provide you with a secret weapon.  It will give you strength and is also a healthy alternative to the sugar overload that the holidays will bring.

Healthy Hot Chocolate


1-2 tbsp of Unsweetened (preferably raw & organic) Cocoa Power (I prefer Navitas – mixes and tastes the best)

1 Cup Hot Boiling Water or Warm Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (or unsweetened regular)

Stevia to taste (Regular or Flavored – maybe peppermint to make a Peppermint Hot Chocolate)

1 tbsp Coconut Oil (organic) – Optional

1 tsp – Cinnamon (Optional)

Either boil water or warm milk.  Scoop cocoa powder into coffee mug, once water/milk is at desired temperature, pour into mug and stir.  Mix in Stevia until you have the desired taste, you can enjoy it this way or you can add either cinnamon or coconut oil or both.  Keep stirring and enjoy.  (You can have this yummy treat 2-3 times per day)

** Special Notes**

**Best Place to buy Navitas Cacao powder is on Amazon – they have the best deal.  2.5 tbsp of this brand gives you 4 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein plus a ton of antioxidants.  It also tastes 100 times better than Hersey’s or other brands I have tried (those do not mix well and are harsh tasting), Navitas has a smooth gentle taste.

**Stevia comes in all different flavors and I ALWAYS recommend the liquid stevia because it mixes better and I think tastes better.  Some of the powders to me taste weird.  If you really don’t like stevia at all you can also use xylitol, as it is another natural sweetener (AVOID SPLENDA, SWEET & LOW, and another other unnatural sweetener   They are like putting bleach and ammonia in your body and they cause all kinds of problems. including increased cravings.

**Using Almond milk will give your hot chocolate a creamer taste and maybe where you want to start

**To give your hot chocolate some spice – add cayenne or chilies.  You can also use cardamom.

**You do not need to use anything except the first three ingredients.  I am planning on trying Peppermint Stevia to make a Peppermint Hot Chocolate that I can enjoy

**Cocoa Powder does contain caffeine and is considered a stimulant, so if you are sensitive to caffeine use with caution until you know how it affects your body.

Other Benefits:

Cocoa powder has fat burning properties and can help you in your fight against fat.

Cocoa powder will increase your energy, help you feel satisfied and curb your cravings.

It will keep you motivated and give you what your body wants without giving it what it doesn’t need

Unprocessed Cacao powder is reported to have many health benefits to help with cardiovascular health, fights against toxins and free radicals,  and increases our feel good neurotransmitters. There are many other reported benefits as well.  (Reminder this is information only and should not be used to manage any type of health issues and you should ALWAYS consult your doctor anytime you start changing your diet.)

I hope you enjoy a cup of healthy cocoa and that it helps you stay on track and motivated this holiday season.  Remember that you can still enjoy things you love, you just have to learn how to modify them so you stay healthy while not experiencing deprivation.  I would love to hear what yummy ways you enjoy drinking healthy hot chocolate 🙂

Much Love and Support ~ Amanda