Radiant LifestyleRecently I attended a Radiance Retreat with a good friend of mine and I have to say, it was pretty amazing.  It was a two day event in Venice Beach in January and the weather was so perfect that I spent a day on the beach in my bikini.  It was awesome that I was able to head out early and spend the day with a friend on the beach just getting back in touch with my soul.  For me the ocean helps cleanse my soul and keeps me grounded.  I highly recommend taking a trip somewhere special just to reconnect with nature either by yourself or with a good friend.  Connection is critical for the soul both with nature and with special people in your life and one fantastic way to radiate.

Become More RadiantNow back to what I learned from the Radiance Retreat.  First, this was a collaboration of three very inspiring and Radiant women, Jill Coleman of Jillfit, Jen Sinkler of Thrive and Neghar Foonani, of Eat, Lift and Be Happy.  These 3 amazing women brought women together for all over the US and Canada to learn about mindset, nutrition and training.  It was an experiential retreat, where in all the participants were actively involved in discover things about themselves.  There was very little lecture and lots of interaction about our experiences from the past which helped me develop more awareness of my stuff around eating and comfortable in my own skin.  These three women have helped me gain new perspective about my life and take ownership of my shit.  What I learned about about being radiant cannot be covered in just one blog.  So this is the first of a 3 part series Lean into Your Radiance and Live Your Radiant Lifestyle.

The first 6 keys to Living a Radiant Lifestyle.

1) Everyone is different and their journey to reach their goals will be different.  What works for some people might not work for you.  Being able to find your individual process is the key to achieving and maintaining long term success, whether that is for fat loss, muscle building or even personal development goals.  So don’t be afraid to do what works for you even if it isn’t the status quo. #beyou

2) Hormones are critical because they impact our mood, motivation, energy and craving plus so much more.  Being able to get your hormones in check is critical component of how you feel about reaching your goals (mood & motivation).  If you are feeling lethargic and have a why bother attitude, then you are likely not going to take action.  So how do you get your hormones in check? Well you make sure you are eating foods that balance your hormones.  What you eat directly impacts your hormones especially cortisol and insulin.  So make sure you are eating high quality energy producing and satiating food like protein, water and veggies which are loaded with fiber. I can tell you from personal experience that I feel better when I eat better, more energy, and less brain fog.

3) Change your perspective on failure.  See Failure as Feedback about what you are doing.  Living a radiant lifestyle is a process, failure will inevitably happen, it is part of learning.  Being able to accept failure as information about what didn’t work is critical for your growth and for you to feel radiant.  Once you start seeing failure as a representation of yourself you are doomed to feel bad about yourself and you will hid your radiant light from the world.  In addition to showing us what did not work, failure shows us what we can work on.  All failure is, is feedback about behavior, there is no judgment associated with it.  Scientists experience more failure than success and with each failure they learn what to tweak, so see yourself as a scientist when working on living your radiant lifestyle.

4) No one knows your body like you do, not even your doctors.  Being able to start listening to what your body is telling you is important.  So often we are not paying attention to the cues our body is giving us around stress, nutrition, or sleep.  Once you start bringing awareness back to your body, you will be able to have more information about what it needs.  Only you can truly know what it feels like to be in your skin.  However, so many times we forget to check in with ourselves and push ourselves to run to optimal levels all the time.  Get back in touch with your body and start listening to what it needs.  A great quick exercise is to find a quiet place and do a 10 minute meditation.  Close your eyes, and allow yourself to focus on your breathing.  Ask your body what it needs from you right now?  Let it know that you really want to hear what it needs right now.  Then pay attention to what happens, where does your mind go, what do your body do, do you get tired, maybe yawn or something else?  All of these are cues to what your body needs.

5) Everything you think makes you better or worse. Plain and simple, right? Well, this is a loaded statement, but it is the truth.  All the things we think in or about our life either makes us better or worse.  If we think that we are bad and no good and can’t achieve something then we don’t try right?  However, if we feel confident and think that we are capable of something we try right?  What and how we think impacts the action we take and thereby impacting some of the experiences in our lives.  Plus, we experience life though our perception therefore our perceptions (which come from our thoughts) impacts how we experience our life.  So our perception and thinking impacts whether we are better or worse.

6) Follow the direction of your body.  This links back up to #4.  Your body is telling you things all the time, it works on giving you feedback, however so many times we don’t listen.  We even sometimes are so out of touch that we mistake what our body is tell us for something else.  This often happens with when we mistake thirst for hunger, so we eat when our body really wanted a nice big glass of water.  However this also applies to training as well.  Many times we force ourselves to do certain types of exercises that our body does not like.  For me it was long distance running. Don’t get me wrong it is great for some people but not me.  It drives me crazy.  I get bored and it creates stress in my head.  Additionally, I have found that I have more knee issues when I are doing long distance running.  I feel my weight pounding down on me.  Now I just do like it, so instead of forcing myself I have found other things that my body loves more, like sprinting.  I love sprinting 100 meters at a time. It’s short, intense and challenges me.  I can’t get bored with this type of exercise and I don’t have the knee problems that I do with long distance running.  So listen to your body and follow its direction to help you be the most radiant you can be.

Remember living radiantly is a practice and it takes time.  These 6 keys to living a radiant lifestyle can be overwhelming at first.  Just pick one radiant key and work on implementing it into your lifestyle.  The more you are able to implement this into your radiant lifestyle the more your confidence will build and you will never let your radiant shine get dull again.  Remember no judgment, just awareness.

Shine brightly for the world to see – Amanda