I know this might sound weird coming from me since I just ran a 6 Week fat loss boot camp but I HATE boot camps.  So let me explain:

First, they can be inpersonal.  In “typical” boot camps when you join, you just meet the group and the day and time of the class.  You bring your stuff and start training.  There is no personal one on one with the instructor and you may not even get to meet the other people in the group.  Many times the group is so big you may not know if you are doing the exercises right.  When you are done, there is not really any time to ask the instructor questions.

Second, many don’t provide any nutrition support and if they do it is a simple one size fits all plan.  It doesn’t take into acct your personal likes and dislikes or even allergies.  There is no explaination as to why the plan is the way it is or what to do if it doesn’t work.  There is no support in how to adapt it to your needs.  Plus there is no accountability to help you stay on track.

Third, they offer no support with other things that impact your success like stress and lifestyle habits.  This to me is a big thing because they are many reasons why people struggle to succeed in their health and fitness goals.  Many times people don’t get results even though they are following their nutrition plan and fitness routine to the T.  It can be frustration when there is no support to help you figure out what is happening and how to start seeing progress.

Fourth, attending a boot camp class or even meeting a personal trainer gives people permission to “eat whatever they want.”   It is that thinking of I did my duty for the day and now if I have some cake at lunch it will be fine and a cupcake at dinner.  And this is one reason why people get so frustrated because they workout and nothing changes, meanwhile they are giving themselves permission to eat like crap.  Boot camps don’t provide support and education to help people understand how they need to make a mindset shift from “I workout so I can eat whatever I want” to a new way of thinking “Because I workout, I eat clean.”

Lastly, boot camp implies that your trainer is going to kick your ass and scream and yell at you and that you already need to be physically fit.  It can be intimidating to some people and scare them away.  Boot camps are associated with hard core drills and the don’t be a wimp mentality.  Personally, I don’t want someone screaming in my face telling me to do something that is going to hurt my body.  Because these trainers don’t know me, how can they know my physical fitness level and what injuries I have, or better yet, if something starts hurting and I need to stop.

Those are 5 reasons I hate boot camps and why I decided I would not call my training program a boot camp any more.  I believe that training should be fun and you shouldn’t get lost in the crowd of people.  I believe that your trainer should know who you are and create a support network with the group you are training with.  Plus, achieving health and fitness success is so much more than 30 minutes at the gym with a trainer or in a boot camp for 2-3 times per week.  It is about making a lifestyle change and to do that you need a program that is addressing all areas of your life that will help you succeed.  This means having a program that not only gives you nutrition information but that also provides you support when you need it and help figuring out how to adapt it to your life.  I can also mean helping you figure out how to make adjustments to stay on track or even how to manage stress better.  In order for people to be successful they need 4 things in a program 1) Fitness 2) Nutrition adapted to their personal body and life 3) Stress Reduction & 4) Mindset Support/Lifestyle support.  In addition, a trainer should be fun, know who their client are and be able to give them individual attention, and provide them support even when they are not in the gym together. Success happens with the right support and part of that is being about to incorporate a lifestyle that works for you!!

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