I know our name, Beautiful U Fitness University, is long and can be difficult to remember, well at least that is what I have heard.  So why then would I have came up with that name?  Well let me tell you, I was driving one day and it just came to me (I do my best thinking when I am driving, maybe you can relate).  I wanted a name that encompassed the whole mind body connection and it seemed to fit because when I hear “University” it makes me think about education and learning.  I had set out to learn more about myself not only physically but emotionally, and mentally.  I was on a mission to find “beautiful me.”  So I toyed with different names and how to put them together but one day I was had the epiphany – Beautiful You Fitness University, then it hit me, the acronym could be  B.U.F.U., so I changed the name to Beautiful U Fitness University.

I already knew I was on a journey about self discovery for myself and I wanted to share it with other women.  So I kept thinking and I came up with I’m Beautiful Me.  I wanted all the women I worked with and/or inspired to have their Beautiful Me Journey about self discovery both mentally and physically.    That was it Beautiful U Fitness University was born along with the provocative tag line  “BUFU ~ I’m Beautiful Me!”

BUFU – I loved it because it was provocative, yet sexy.  One of the reasons I loved it so much besides how it felt to say it, STRONG & POWERFUL, I loved the message it would convey – Be U, Fuck you!! I’m Beautiful me!

As I continued to think about how I wanted to help inspire and motive women, I realized how much I loved boxing and martial arts.  As I was talking to a friends, she said you are a knockout.  There it was “B.U.F.U. I’m a Beautiful Knockout, slightly provocative yet sexy.

There is so much propaganda and media about how we as women are supposed to be, what we should look like, and what what we should think, like and wear and I am sick of it.  I hate the fact that we compare ourselves to images of women who most of the time don’t even look like they do in pictures. Anything can be touched up, altered, and changed, its hard to know who is real and who is fake now a days.  I once saw a movie “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” about steroid use and in the movie they showed how many before and after photos for diet drugs are fake and done in the same day.  Now not that this doesn’t mean body change can’t happen or that we can’t significantly transform our bodies but it doesn’t happen overnight and their is no quick fix.  I can even think of hearing that Julia Roberts, who is beautiful, had a body double in some of the scenes from “Pretty Woman” because her hips were to wide, or some shit like that.  The mass media lies and tries to manipulate us and our emotions, so we will buy their products to feel better about ourselves.  Well I am hear to tell you, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! If you want to change for you great! If you want to stay the same great! If you want to get healthier great! The choice is yours and yours alone and you should always be happy with who you are.  You will only be your version of healthier not someone else’s, we can’t have her butt, her abs, her legs, we have what we have, so be proud of it.

What does normal look like anyways – well take a good look in the mirror because you are normal and YOU ARE THE PERFECT VERSION OF YOU.  In fact think about it, how many pictures have you deleted because you didn’t look just right and if you tilted your head one way versus another you liked the picture.  Ok, well maybe that is just me, I have scrapped many good photos because I didn’t like how I looked.

Being beautiful is about accepting yourself and rejecting the pressures from society to follow social trends, rejecting the pressures from our family and friends to live up to their expectations of us and the overall rejection the domestication and propaganda forcing us to judge ourselves against standards that are IMPOSSIBLE to live up to.  Now is the time to start being the “beautiful u” that you are, that no one else can be.  To not be afraid to be yourself at all costs!

In my past, I almost completely lost my own identity because I was afraid to stand up and be myself due to a toxic relationship. I didn’t believe I was good enough, I believed my opinion didn’t matter, so I compromised almost everything I was, including all my value to try to be someone else, to make someone else happy and in the meantime, I was killing myself because I cannot be anyone else except who I am.  This has been a long journey for me with this and sometimes I still struggle with this even now because “fear” creeps up and I start to get scared and fall back into old habits, however now a days, I am able to see it easier and catch it, so I can stand up and say “wait a minute, I don’t think so.”

Being myself and liking what I like and accepting myself as beautiful, flaws and all, is not easy yet at the same time it is the easiest thing to do.  Being yourself comes naturally to most people and I bet that you can think of a person that you just love being with because, no matter what, you can be yourself and they don’t judge you, they don’t try to make you someone else, they just accept and love you for you.

Well I want you to be that person for yourself.  Stop trying to be someone else, stop judging yourself.  Stop compromising what you want in life to make others happy.  Be BEAUTIFUL U and Fuck everybody who doesn’t love you for you!

I know at times in this blog it seems like I have been on a soap box – ok well lets face it writing blogs is kinda like a soap box  – either way, I felt it important to share the roots of Beautiful U Fitness University’s name.  I also hope I didn’t offend you with my language, but somethings just have to be said explicitly. Well at least that is what I think.

Beautiful U Fitness University is here to help support you in your Beautiful Knockout journey whether it is to become physically or mentally or emotionally healthier.  We believe in the mind body connection and that how you feel in your head affects how you feel in your body and how you feel in your body affects how you feel in your head.  We want you to BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE.

Much Love and Support Amanda