Amanda with Ashley Johns of FF at the the FF Retreat in New Mexico.
Amanda with Ashley Johns of FF at the the first FF Retreat in New Mexico, September 2015.

I met Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward in the summer of 2015.  I was drawn to her message as she was empowering women to courageously and fiercely move forward in life regardless of their past experiences.  She has a vibe that will light the fire within you and truly make you believe in yourself.

In the past, I’ve shared that for the longest time I turned off my creative and connective writing – no poetry, no song lyrics and definitely no journaling.  I was scared.  Scared of what would come up.  Scared to look at myself.  I was disconnected and I felt it.  Something was off, something wasn’t right. I was starting to slowly shift and was coming to terms with needed to take a deeper look at myself. It was time to turn of the noise and turn inward to find my voice.

Shortly after finding Ashley on Facebook, she launch an 8 week journal project called “Truth.”  I knew immediately I had to sign up.  This was an opportunity to explore what was so desperately trying to be uncovered.  I was just beginning the project when she announced she was hosting a retreat and it was in New Mexico. I felt this powerful call to attend.  I had to go to meet her and connect. I knew it would be powerful but  little did I know what would come from it two years later.

In the Heart Labyrinth writing "I will Own my Power." Photo Courtesy of Fierce Forward & Ashley John
In the Heart Labyrinth writing “I will Own my Power.” Photo Courtesy of Fierce Forward & Ashley John

The retreat was beyond magical and I shifted.  I was cracked right open and found my element.  It was there I decided I would become an author and actually wrote the introduction to You’re Brave Enough: 8 Daily Practices to Be Your Own HERO. It was there I declared I would own my power and allow success to come into my life.  It was there I was born again under the stars of the Milky Way laying in the New Mexico desert in the heart labyrinth built by women.  The experience is hard to describe but I remember the feelings that coursed through my veins – passion, creativity, growth, and pure euphoric joy.

In October 2017, shortly after my book was published, we sat down and had a chat about what it took for me to move from my fear and into my bravery.  I shared with her the power of believing in yourself and how the answers we seek aren’t outside, they are within us.  Click Below toRead My Story:

How Amanda Turned Fear Into Bravery & Wrote Her First Book

New MexicoWe often do not know where the road we are on will take us or what twists and turns lie ahead.  It is often with blind faith and trust that we Fierce Forward.  Sometimes we take giant leaps, other times we take micro baby steps.  Truth be told, it doesn’t matter how big our stride is, what truly matters is that we are Brave Enough to show up day after day braving beyond what we know, exploring our shit and reclaiming the pieces of ourselves we disowned and discarded along the way.  All in the quest to own our power, be confident in and comfortable with ourselves and live a joyful and connected life.

Much Love and Support

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