The Sweaty BettiesThe Time Millionaires Conference has been a great experience so far.  On day two Danny-J of The Sweaty Betties had several great messages to share and there was one that I have to share with all of you.  It is something that we all have to take ownership of and be relentless with.  It is CONSISTENCY.  Danny-J highlighted the importance of being consistent in whatever it is that you want to achieve.  What does it mean to be consistent?  Well she explained it is how much you can do and how much you can maintain.   So are you being consistent with what you want to achieve?

Whenever I have wanted to make changes in my life the one thing that has been super important and made the difference in my success and failure has been…. Consistency.  The more consistent I can be (what I can commit to doing and stick with it), the more results I was able to get.  However when I half ass it, I don’t see the results I want to see.  In the past I have been known to go all in, hardcore, change everything at once mindset.  I would take on so much that I became overwhelmed because I couldn’t keep everything up.  Then everything would come crashing down and I would fail miserably. Obviously my consistency was out the window.  I wonder if you can relate?

What I have found and what Danny-J spoke about was that consistency is relative to each person and we have to find our formula.  If we take the approach that this is individualized then we are able to experience more control over our journey and take ownership of the choices we make.  Here is how I see it in a formula:  Action I can commit to + My Ability to Maintain Action = My Likelihood of Being Consistent

Consistency Formular

Your level of being consistent will depend on many things. Ask these two questions to start figuring it out:

  • 1) What action can I take to reach my goals? (i.e. I can workout)
  • 2) How much time can you commit to taking above action (i.e. 20 minute, 2 times per week)

You don’t have to do everything at once, in fact this isn’t possible.  Focus on picking one thing at a time and be consistent with that thing.  Once you are able to do with ease, then you can revisit the formula and see if there is some other action you can take to reach your goal. You can also consider keeping the same action but increasing the amount of time you can commit to it.  Remember you are in control of what and how much you can do.  You are the only one who truly knows what your schedule and lifestyle is like.

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