salad-775949_1920No Guilt or Restriction here!!

Let’s face it, summer is here and wherever you live it is hot, especially in AZ where I live. Truth be told, when it gets hot I just don’t want to cook and sometimes I don’t want to even grill.  So what options are left if you are the only one who cooks or grills in your house????? Well for me that leaves, take out and dine in joints.

At the beginning of this summer, which we in AZ consider to be April/May, we had incredible weather. We were consistently in the 90’s and I don’t even know if we hit 100 degrees more than a few times.  Typically it is well over 100 by the end of May, so you can imagine our surprise when we went from mid 90s Memorial Day Weekend to 118-120 within 7 days.  It was so hot and I wasn’t in the mood to cook let alone grill.  Because of this was started eating a lot of things I don’t normally eat.  Things that were quick, easy and where I didn’t have to cook.  This can be great in some aspects however for me eating out sometimes doesn’t agree with me.  Once I realized this wasn’t making me happy and was even affecting me mentally, I decided to make some changes.

So what did I do??? I turn to salads. Salad are great multiple reasons. They help keep me hydrated, feeling energized and the big summer bonus, they don’t require me to turn my over or grill on multiple times a day or even week.

Okay, okay I can hear you now…. “Salads…. They are so BORING!  Isn’t that rabbit food” or even “Salads….. Are you telling me I need to go on a diet???” or maybe “Salads…. Are you F’ing kidding me, I could eat a whole horse, a salad won’t fill me up.”  And the list of salad rejections goes on…..

Many people think salads are only eaten by people on diets, crazy organic hippies and that they couldn’t possibly be filling or even satisfying. Well I can’t argue, there are many boring salads out there. There are a lot of myths about salads and while all myths were born out of some truth, I have experienced just how holistically filling salads can be and you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to create them. All you need is an explorer’s spirit and a little of your time each week. Oh and you need to know how to follow directions but don’t worry there is always room for creativity when it comes to salad.

Now before I give you my favorite salad recipes, I want you to know that I don’t believe in dieting or eating plain, boring food. It just isn’t in me because I love food and I believe should should be tasty, mentally and physically filling, contribute positively to your energy level, and promote healthy functioning of your whole body. Some might say, this is a tall order and might believe that this makes some food off limits. Well maybe it does or….. maybe those people have just been living under some limiting belief or preconceived notion that doesn’t allow for salads to be more than rabbit or diet food.

You see food is neutral in many ways, it isn’t good or bad, it just is. What becomes concerning is our maladaptive relationship with food,  overconsumption or underconsumption of certain things, and avoidance of or disconnection from our body’s signals about how different foods make us feel physically and emotionally.  These things are the real dangers and impact not only our physical health but also our psychological functioning.

It’s important to be aware of how food affects us and even why we choose the food we do. While there is nothing wrong with any of our choices, each choice we makes dictates things in our lives.  So all I ask is that regardless of whether you are eating salad or donuts, is to pay attention to your body’s responses and the thoughts that are coming up for you.  The more we tune into ourselves, the easier it is to make choices that don’t cause us to feel deprived, guilty or bad about ourselves.

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Oh and if you are interested in exploring more about how you can learn to tune into your body’s signals and explore your relationship around/beliefs about food and even dieting with women just like you, who are ready to let go of the “can’t eat this, binge on that, restriction, not good enough cycle” then click here to join the discussion.

Much love and Support Always – and remember it’s your life, so live it your beautiful knockout way!

<3 Amanda