Ray Hinish cutthefatpodcastDay 3 of the Time Millionaires Event was completely energized by and I was blown away from what Ray Hinish cutthefatpodcast had to say. I thought you might be too…..

I remember many many years ago when I would start to make healthy lifestyle changes, I would commit to a ton of stuff.  I said “this time, I am doing it.” “No more junk food for me!!”  “I am getting serious this time about my health and fitness and I not going to fail.”  I was determined and I believe “this time” was the time  I would succeed and I believed it so much I would commit to a very strict and radically different lifestyle than what I was currently doing.  I wonder if you can relate?

If you are thinking yes, I thought so, and this is why I had to share what Ray Hinish at cutthefatpodcast said…. Are you ready to hear it?


Say What??  Let me repeat that – STOP making commitments you can’t keep.  You might be thinking I don’t know what I am talking about or maybe we are crazy but let me give you the reason behind this tip.  First, Ray Hinish explained that we have two brains – 1) our thinking brain and 2) our reactive brain.  Our thinking brain is the brain that thinks we will be able to make those big leaps and give up sugar, soda, candy, fast food and workout everyday all at once.  The reactive brain is the brain that undermines our best intentions unintentionally.  Have you ever went to order black coffee and accidentally ordered a caramel macchiato instead? Well that happened to a friend of mine recently.  Or maybe you forgot to order your burger in a lettuce wrap or no fries.  Ray explains that even though we have the best intentions, “we can’t be trusted.”  We will sabotage ourselves and then we feel like shit so we do more damage and drive ourselves bat shit crazy committing to more unrealistic lifestyle changes.

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Now you might be feeling a little helpless right now, but wait there is more.  We can change this but it requires us to do something radically different than what we are used to and something that will feel like is not enough.  Stop making these unrealistic commitments that will drop us on our ass and make us feel bad about ourselves.  No one wants to feel like a failure and everybody wants quick results but there is a huge difference in quick results and lasting results.  So you have to be honest with yourself, do you want to be healthy for a lifetime or a summer?

If you said lifetime well then here is the second part to stop making commitments you can’t keep.  Start with one, yes just one, “trusted micro commitment at a time.”  A micro-commitment is a super small commitment that you can easily make. Let’s face it, we get burnt out if do too much and I know I say “fuck it, that’s too hard.” Then I give up. However if I make a micro-commitment, like just cutting back on dairy or swapping tea for soda, that is something I can do. You may even just have to cut back on something like a client I had went from drinking 32oz of soda daily, to 24oz then after a few weeks to 16oz and after week down to 8oz and then a few days later, she was able to give it up completely and relace it with water and tea but it took her a little over a month.  She noticed a big change in her body and realized it didn’t even want the soda after she started removing just that.

So think about what crazy, stupid commitments you are making that are totally unrealistic, you know the ones, they are the ones that you can never do or have the hardest time sticking to.  Once you have those in your head write them down right now. Now say, I am throwing these out the window. This will feel totally strange but just crumple up the paper and say – I am freeing myself from crazy commitments.  Now once you do that, think about one “trusted micro-commitment” that you can commit to right now.  Once you have it, write it in the comments below.  Focus on that one thing for the next month and only that one thing.  It may feel like you are doing enough, but it is better to focus on one thing than try to focus on a hundred different things that aren’t working.  Let’s face it if you aren’t focused, you’re fucked.

Don’t forget to commit below with the ONE MICRO-COMMITMENT you are focusing on for the next month below.

Don’t Fear change, embrace it and kick it in the face, you got this – Amanda ox

P.S.  One last piece of advice Ray Hinish had to offer this one will be hard to swallow so get ready……..

“Be okay with sucking in the beginning, but remember you will get better.” Just keep trying and stay focused 🙂