Many times when we want to make changes in our lives we pick a date to get started.  We start and if something happens that throws us off we might pick another date to start again. Mondays are typically a common start date for a “diet” or “after the holidays.”  Why do we do that???  Is it because we “typically” start work on Mondays so that just seems natural to do?  Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you get started Right Here, Right Now.  There will NEVER be a perfect time to start or to continue your journey, you just have to start where ever you are with what you have.

Me & JadeI was at a conference about a year ago, and one of the awesome presenters, Jade Teta from Metabolic Effect, was talking about changing your business mindset.  He said something that really stuck with me and it is not only applicable to business, but to any changes we want to make especially around health and fitness.  He said we have to change our mindset from “Ready, Aim, Fire” to “Ready, Fire, Aim…Aim…Aim…Aim.”  What this means is, we can do all the planning in the world we want but we have to move from having a rigid plan of how things are supposed to happen, to becoming flexible and willing to make changes (change our aim) along our journey.  Things will not always go as planned, there is no perfect method. There will always be complications, parties and holidays.  What is important is that as you start on your journey now, know that you will need to adjust things, change things and be adaptive.  Once you can accept this is just part of your journey, you are able to experience less stress when the unexpected things happen because you were expecting them.

Remember that making changes to our old habits is a journey and not a wagon.  So stop jumping on the wagon and enjoy your walk down your path.  It will be twisty, have lots of turns and at times may seem like it is taking you backwards but if you always walk in the same direction on the path you will get there.  Have faith, believe in yourself and don’t give up!! Many people give up right before they actually reach their goals.  Failure is a part of success and it teaches us what doesn’t work.  The biggest thing to remember is the best time to make a change is right now because right now is the only time you have to make decisions that change your life. Do the best you can with what you have.  Remember I believe in your ability to achieve anything you can and don’t forget to adopt the motto Ready, Fire, Aim….Aim…Aim!

Believe in yourself and you have the power ~ Amanda