Mindset of B.U.F.U.Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Beautiful Knockout?  Well it might not be what you think.  You don’t have to start boxing or even working out.  It has to do with the way you think and changing your perspective.

Embracing your inner Beautiful Knockout starts with adopting the mindset of B.U.F.U. which can be exciting and scary at the same time.  We have been raised to value certain things and sometimes those things limit us from reaching our full potential and may even cloud our ability to see the beauty in your life right now.   Sometimes we have learned things that cause us to judge ourselves so harshly and to hide ourselves from being seen.  If you want to Unleash your Beautiful Knockout you have to be willing to find that little rebel inside you and to start asking questions.  Start challenging all the things you have been taught, not in a offensive way but in a “that’s interesting” way and a way that has you “wondering what if.”

The mindset of B.U.F.U. is based on 6 key fundamental core values to help you anchor your journey as you discover and unleash your inner Beautiful Knockout.  These values not only help you think like a Beautiful Knockout but they really help you adopt the Beautiful Knockout Way of living in other words, the Beautiful Knockout Lifestyle.

1) Ownership – Ownership requires personal responsibility for your life.  We are, where we are, because of the choices we have made in our lives.  Maybe we didn’t always have a choice about what happened especially, as children, however as adults, we now have a choice in how we think about our experiences.  Ownership can be a hard pill to swallow however once you take personal responsibility for your life and what you think, you are in control and no one else is responsible for your life. You have an incredible amount of power to change your life and taking ownership allows you to tap in and utilize that power.  Accepting this is not only empowering and scary as hell but so liberating.

2) Transformation – Transformation requires awareness of where you are, where you were, and where you can to go.  It isn’t about becoming someone else or even someone better, it’s about embracing who you already are, being willing to accept yourself and allowing yourself to shine for the world to see.  With transformation you are becoming who you already were.  Transformation begins in the mind with how you nurture yourself and spreads through the body.  If you are feeling fabulous it will show though the glow of your skin and radiates through your smile and the sparkle in your eyes.

3) Be Daring – Being daring requires courage and strength along with the willingness to embrace and even welcome your fears.  It involves taking risk and having the faith that when you leap you will fly, just like a baby bird learning to fly.  You may fall down but when you are being daring you get back up and try again.  Just like the bird you soon begin to soar. When you are being daring you are pushing the limits of your comfort zone and expanding your world.

4) Be You – There is no one else like you in the world, so being yourself is the best person to be.  It can be scary and even lonely, at times, but it beats the hell out of trying to be something or someone you are not.  Being you, is about never being ashamed of who you are and embracing all your little quirks and special qualities (sometimes referred to as flaws).  It involves falling in love with yourself and being kind to yourself.  Remember you are unique just like a diamond, who have qualities that no other diamond in the world can ever have.

5) Live beautifully – Living beautifully is something you do when you acknowledge all the beauty and amazing things around you.  It isn’t just about looking good it is about feeling good and enjoying your life and all the beautiful things in it.  It is living life the way you want to live it, not the way someone else thinks you should live.  When you are living beautifully you will be confident in what you are doing and will experience how life was meant to be lived, from a place of pure enjoyment and pleasure.

6) Dream Big – This is about not limiting yourself and your potential.  It is about focusing on how you want your life to be and not getting suckered into what others believe it possible or the limits they have reached.  Dreaming big is about creating the lifestyle that you want without worrying about whether it’s possible, because anything is possible if you are willing to dream it and take action.

These 6 fundamental core values will help you live a beautiful and amazing life.  These can be hard to implement as first and over the next few weeks I will expand on them a little more and give you strategies about how can adopt the above core values as your own.

Remember:  “Anyone can be cool, but Awesome takes practice.” Lorraine Peterson.

#beawesome by incorporating the above 6 values every day and use them to guide and anchor your journey.  Amanda ox

P.S. Let me know how I can help you adopt the mindset of B.U.F.U. and Unleash your inner Beautiful Knockout.