Living Your Radiant LifestyleIn my last two blogs I covered 12 ways to live your radiant lifestyle.  If you haven’t read them make sure you check out part one and part two to get those strategies.  Living Radiantly is not only seen in your attitude but it becomes a way of life.  Being radiant becomes part of your core person.  The only way to truly glow on the outside, is to be glowing on the inside.  So lets cover the last 6 strategies to living your radiant lifestyle.

13) Positive thinking promotes positive action.  When you think positively and are passionate about want you are thinking, you take positive action to achieve your goals.  If you aren’t feeling good about something you tend to avoid it, deflect it, and let all kinds of things get in the way.  So to truly live radiantly you have to be able to access your positive thinking so you take positive action otherwise nothing changes.

14) Acknowledge and honor your past accomplishments.  So many times we get caught up in what our goals are or what we want to achieve we forget to remember what we accomplished in our lives.  This is a vital key to living your radiant lifestyle.  You must be able to really say “I did x” and be proud of your accomplishments no matter how little you might think they are  now.  Discounting them is like discounting yourself and that will allow doubt to creep in.  So make sure you acknowledge and honor your accomplishments.  One way you can do this is by having a “I Did It!!!” Board where you either write down or have pictures of your accomplishing something – like make a graduation picture or picture of you trying a new activity like rock climbing.  No matter what it is, you have to acknowledge it and give yourself the props you deserve.

15) Embrace the fact that “You are worthy RIGHT NOW!” not when you achieve x.  Many times we deprive ourselves of feeling good because we don’t think we are worthy enough.  Having rewards are great for achieving your goals but not at the sake of depriving yourself of feeling good.  Let me give you an example, saying when I lose 5 pounds than I can get a massage is plain and simple depriving yourself the benefits of a massage.  Regardless of whether or not you lose 5 pounds you are worthy of a massage.  So start treating yourself like you are worthy right now.

16) Shift your perspective by shifting the conversations of what you write about in your journals and what you share with others.  Often we get caught up in talking about the drama in our lives.  I challenge you to start focusing on what is going right, awesome, and amazing in your life.  Start to journal about it including the little things, like I stayed away from chocolate at the office today or I got my kick ass workout in to my husband thanked me for helping him today at work.  The more you focus on writing and talking about the things that are going well the more you will find things are going well.

17) Take 100% responsibility for things that happen to you in your life.  Let go of the victimization mentality and the blaming behavior and start owning your life.  The amazing thing that happens with this is you gain control over your life in ways you never thought possible.  So often we blame others for things that happen to us however if we change our perspective and take ownership there is no one to blame but ourselves. Yes things happen that can be out of our control however how we perceive those things is within our control. So take responsibility and see how feels.  I bet it will be a bit empowering. 🙂

restbased living18) Adopt a rest-based living lifestyle. So often we work, work, work and run, run, run that by the time we sit down we are exhausted and fall asleep.  Well one thing I have found in living my radiant lifestyle is that I need my down times.  In order for me to play hard, I have to rest and recover hard.  It is like a sprinter, I can give more energy to important things in my life when I take a lot of time to recover.  Remember sprinters run short distances with everything they have and then rest for an incredibly long time.  Resting involves being creative, playing and having fun.  You can do things like read, paint, meditate, whatever makes you feel good and relaxed.  In adopting this lifestyle strategy, I feel less stressed and more relaxed and better able to focus myself where I need too.  So let go of the belief that if you aren’t doing something your lazy.  Lazy is good, lazy helps promote creative thinking and new ideas.  Get comfortable with rest-based living.

So the above 2 strategies are the last of the 3 part series Living Your Radiant Lifestyle.  Hopefully you can use some of them to feel more relaxed and radiant in your life.  Find your glow and don’t be afraid to share it with the world because we need more radiance.

Go forth and Be Radiant!!

Amanda ox