Living Your Radiant LifestyleIf you haven’t read part one of Leaning into Your Radiance, I would highly recommend you do.  In part one, I unveil the first 6 ways to help you live a radiant lifestyle.  The next 6 keys to lean into your radiance and living your radiant lifestyle are as important as the first 6.  They will help you continue to develop and embrace a deep understanding of your personal radiance and how to let your radiance shine brightly without shame or fear of judgment.

So let’s get to it and discover the next 6 Keys to Living Your Radiant Lifestyle:

7) Our relationship with food is a deep rooted process.  Do you know how you developed your relationship with food?  Well if you are like most people it comes from your experiences growing up from the time we were a baby.  We learned a good part of our relationship with food from our parents.  We learned it from not only what they said but also what we saw from them.  We saw how they not only used food in our relationship but also in their own relationship with food.  This is deep seeded because our parents developed their relationship with food from their parents and so on through generations.  Now this does not mean we blame our parents but it does mean that it is time to develop more awareness, take responsibility and start letting go of what no longer serves us.  It is now time to start exploring your relationship with food starting with your childhood experience.  Start asking questions like:  Did my parents give me food every time we were sad or disappointed?  Did they reward me with food?  Or did they use food as a punishment?  What did I see them doing?  Was my mom eating comfort foods when she was stressed? Were the cookies or candy hidden away? The questions are endless.  Remember no judgment or blame just development of awareness. #ownership

8) Honor what is going on inside of you, emotionally and physically, without blame, shame or judgment.  This one is hard at times because we aren’t always in touch with what is happening similar to #6 in part one.  However once you become aware of what is happening the next step is to honor it.  Let me give you an example from my own life.  Back in August I had a major shoulder injury while we were on a lazy river, long story and of course alcohol was involved.  I didn’t think anything of it at first, it hurt for a second but then I was fine, cruising the lazy river and then playing pool volleyball (remember alcohol was involved).  Anyways, the next morning I was woken up by this intense pain in my shoulder and I wanted to scream and cry out, and I couldn’t move my entire arm.  I was devastated.  I was on a good track with training and things were going well.  This stopped me dead in my tracks, so off to the sports doctor I went and started rehab with my massage therapist.  Now for me to honor what was going on inside of me, I had to remember that even when I started to feel better, I needed to not workout at least on my shoulder.  In fact, I took about four months off and now only workout 1-3 times per week depending on how I feel.  Only recently have I added in pushups.  This was hard for me but when something happen to our body or in our life, it force us to do things we probably should have been doing in the first place, like resting.  I have honored this without judgment or blame and it has allowed me to focus on other things that were an issue for me, like my nutrition.  With training I was spot on no issues, I could bust out a killer workout no problem, however my nutrition has been my biggest struggle.

So I had to honor what was happening inside of me in order to grow and heal and become aware of other things.  So give it a try check in with your thoughts, your mind, your body, what could you be honoring that you aren’t at the moment.  Being able to honor yourself and your experience is critical in radiance, because it is self acceptance and that is beautiful and helps you glimmer in the light. #livebeautifully

9) Enjoy everything you eat, before, during and after.  And adopt a LOVE IT or LEAVE IT attitude about food.  Stop forcing yourself to eat things you hate because they are “healthy” for you.  Stop eating because you are bored and emotional. Start experiencing your food as enjoyment.  Take pleasure in the experience of eating.  Too often when we are not enjoying our food and even using food to numb out.  Always enjoy the food you eat, savory every bite.  I can tell you that since I have been spending more time on enjoying how my food tastes and how it makes me feel, I feel better about my food. I have also found that the better quality of food I enjoy, the more pleasure I get from it and the slower I eat it.  I now enjoy savoring my food.  When you eat, you shouldn’t feel guilt or ashamed of what you ate, after you ate it and if you do, this is a good place to check in with yourself and develop more awareness around it.  If you start enjoying the experience of eating before, during and after your meal, it will show in your glow and radiant for others to see.

10) Do Shit you love!!  Too often we deprive ourselves of something we want to do because we haven’t earned it or we don’t think we can.  Just do it and enjoy it.  Stop doing things you don’t like to do.  When you do shit you love, it will show.  There is a passion, a fire that burns brightly inside of you when you do what you love.  So if you don’t know what it is, start exploring what it is.  If you do know what it is, start doing more of it. Once you make this a priority, you will feel better about yourself and feel more self-confident and experience less stress, all which will help you radiate!! #beyou

RR MT11) Do something new!!  It is so important to take risks and try new things.  Let go of fear and commit to trying one thing every month or every other month.  What is the harm in trying it?  If you hate it or it wasn’t what you thought it would be, great, now you know.  But what if it blew your mind….. or was something that got you excited and passionate?  You won’t know until you try. So do something new this month!!  You just might like it…. One thing that might happen is you will be radiating from the adrenaline of trying something new. We got this experience at the Radiance Retreat when we learned some Muay Thai.  Now even though I study Kempo it is different than Muay Thai and you know what it was fun and exciting and a great experience to learn another style of Martial Arts. #bedaring

12) Jump First. More mistakes = more learning.  Too often we sit in the planning stage, trying to decide the best way to start.  Well there is no better time than right now, just jump into whatever it is you want to do.  You can’t possibly create a plan for all the scenarios of what might happen and even if you could, that doesn’t mean you will do what you planned to do.  Stop waiting and Jump.  Excitement and thrill will be available to you as you jump into something and that will shine though.  Use mistakes as opportunities to learn and adjust your course, if necessary.  Do you think that Christopher Columbus waited to sail once he got the money from the Spanish?  Heck no he boarded that ship and made sure he had the supplies he thought he would need and then they left port onto the journey that almost everyone at the time thought would surely end in death. So jump into it now!!! #dreambig #bedaring

The above keys to living your radiant lifestyle have a lot to do with our internal world.  You will find that being radiant is about how you feel inside more that how you look on the outside.  Confidence is sexy. Belief in your ability is sexy. The willingness to explore and become aware of what is going on within you isn’t just sexy, it is downright Badass and a huge part of embracing your inner Beautiful Knockout.   So let your Beautiful Knockout radiate inside and out.

Developing awareness and accepting yourself without judgment makes you radiate.

Amanda ox