I recently watched an amazing video from Erin Brown and have to say that it was inspiring.  She talked about not taking things personal which is something we all struggle with whether it is getting angry at the person in traffic who cut us off or our partner forgetting a special day or “not saying the right thing.”  The fact is we all take things personally and it has been something I have been working on.  Here is the link so you can watch the clip.

Now back to the inspiration. While watching the video Erin said something that ust stuck with “live beautifully.”  It was simple and sweet but I loved it.  It made sense.  I want to #livebeautifully

LivebeautifullySo I created the #livebeautifully campaign.  Because we tend to get focused on the negativity in the world and how people have wronged us.  Living beautifully is about focusing on the positive amazing things that are happening in our lives right now.  It is about being able to be ourselves, whether we are alone, with friends or around strangers.  Living beautifully is something that creates positive energy and empowers us.  It promotes kindness, joy, acceptance and compassion.    It moves us away from negativity which can rob our joy and create dissatisfaction, frustration and stress.

live beautifullyOur focus is so important because the way we perceive something impacts how we feel about it.  So if we perceive it as a violation against us we will get angry and pissed off however if we view it as something else like maybe that person doesn’t mean what we think, then our reaction to the situation is different.

There are many ways to #livebeautifully, you can do it by appreciating the world around you by spending time in nature, spending time with our pets, spending time with important people in your life, just being yourself, getting fitness in and eating good quality food.  There are no limits to the ways you can #livebeautifully.  Follow my #livebeautifully campaign on Facebook or Instagram

livebeautifullyStart your own #livebeautifully campaign and #livebeautifully today and every day.

Amanda ox