bedaringIs there something in your life that you have been struggling to do?  Something that you want to try or do so bad, but are scared?  It could be anything from buying new clothes, to contacting an old friend, to quitting your job to follow your passion or even trying to achieve a goal that you previously failed at?  Well me too.  There are so many things in life I want to do but I am so scared to try at times.

The questions that come up for me are:

What if I get rejected? What if I fail? What if I don’t like it? What if everyone thinks I dumb? What if I get hurt?  What if…. What if…. What if….

We can drive ourselves crazy with the what if questions.  Maybe this is something that you do when you are faced with taking a risk and doing something that scares you.  Let me share a couple things.

First, one of the core values of B.U.F.U. is to be daring. It requires courage and strength and not just physical strength, but mental and emotional strength, which at times are much harder to develop and access. It involves taking some risks and having faith that things are going to work out.  It also requires knowing that even if you fall on your face there will be a mat to break your fall. When you embrace the #bedaring core value, you are able to get back up after you fall and try again. You know that you are being daring when you are pushing the limits of your comfort zone and expanding your world.

Second, When we decide to #bedaring, we don’t have to go “all or nothing.”  We can take some small risks first to see how it feels and then when we are ready we just let go and live.  Sometimes in life there is nothing but to do it.  Because you will never know the “what if….” answer if you don’t try. I don’t know about you but I would rather live a #bedaring life than to live with the “what if I had tried?” and the regret of not trying the things that I wanted to do in life.  I am now starting to ask “What if I like it?” “What if I can do it?”  “What if my life becomes more amazing?”  These feel very different when asked especially in the face of your fear.

I will share a short personal example,  recently I decided to #bedaring and take an Aerial Tease class, which included silks, a hammock and a lyra.  I had never tried anything like this and it is so out of my element of my normal weight training and martial arts routine.  I didn’t ask anyone to go with me I just decided to do it myself. So there I was alone by myself with four other women who I did not know, taking this class and I had to not only conquer my fears about try something new but I had to quickly make friends.  It was an amazing experience, all the women including the instructor were very supportive of each other and encouraging to each other which was great for me.  First, we learned the hammock and this was a lot of fun.  personally it was my favorite of the day.  Next we did the silks (wrapped feet) which was a challenge because I had a slight injury to my left foot and the wrapping slightly aggravated it.  However I was able to do many of the things. Lastly we did the lyra which honestly after a 2 hour class was difficult.  I had a challenging time getting on the bar and once I did I wasn’t able to get into the positions I needed to which was frustrating but by this time I was sore and tired.  I honestly can’t believe how difficult yet easy some of the stuff was and the biggest hurdle wasn’t if I was strong enough physically, it was my ability to believe that I could do the things that we were learning.  My what if was answered this way.  “What if NEXT TIME, I try more stuff or bring a friend?” How much more could I learn and do. And I am planning on taking another class.


So what if??  You will never know the answer to that good or bad if you don’t take a chance and let go and face your fears.  Growth is challenging and scary however some of the greatest rewards are received when we go to the scariest places.  Now you might be wondering how do I start?  So let me share a simple way you can start living a #bedaring life this week.

1) Write a list of all the things you want to do or try but have been afraid to try for whatever reason.

2) Look at that list, really look at it and commit to trying one of those things within the next week.  Now there might be some that will take more planning that others but I bet you have at least one thing on your list you can try.  Remember it doesn’t have to be a huge thing, it could just be as simple as a different dish at your favorite restaurant.

3) If you are super nervous about trying the thing on your list, do it with a friend.  Many times we don’t know it but if we talk to our friends or family, someone might do it with you.

4) GO OUT and DO IT!! Remember to be open and truly soak in the experience.  Make sure you take pictures!!

5) Lastly, share what the experience was like for you, even if you keep it to yourself in a journal.  The important thing is to reflect on the experience.  Each time you face a small fear it helps build your confidence and who know you might just love what you tried.

6) Now repeat with step one 🙂

I would love to hear how you are embracing the B.U.F.U. core value #bedaring in your life, so feel free to contact me at to share your experience.

Let go & Live! #bedaring and experience life without regrets. Amanda ox

P.S. I never fell on my face during the Aerial Tease class which to me is the best part.