Hey Beautiful!!

I was wondering….

Have you ever experienced any of these thoughts after an argument with someone, a disappointing experience or when you needed some encouragement?

Hey Beautiful Well if I am being completely honest, I have, many times and in many different types of relationships.   For years I was looking for someone else to say what I needed to hear and every time they failed to do so, I was met with disappointment. Disappointment sometimes turned into frustration and even anger.

The truth is, we can’t control what other people say or even how they react to us.  No one will ever say exactly what we want or even need to hear, exactly when we need to hear it, and they won’t act they way we want them too.  Because of this, I have learned we have to stop looking to others to say what we want them to say and do what we want them to do.  This isn’t reality and every time we have this expectation of them and they don’t meet it, we become disappointed, bitter and possibly even passive aggressive or just plain aggressive.

One day I realized that I had to stop looking outside myself for what I needed and start looking inwards towards my own wisdom and that is when I took matters into my own hands, literally.  I can’t begin to explain how transforming and even liberating this was for me because I no longer felt powerless as I waited infinitely to hear for what was likely never going to be coming my way.  This is what lead to the creation of  “Hey Beautiful PostCards for Your Soul” Edgy, Honest, and Real reminds for every woman that you are POWERFUL, CAPABLE, and LOVED ALWAYS.

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Amanda preparing Hey Beautiful Postcards

Each set of Hey Beautiful Postcards comes in a unique hand folded origami envelope and includes an introduction on how to use the postcards, 13 empowering and supportive postcards and a unique handwritten message from Amanda created especially for the receiver of the set.

Hey Beautiful Postcards for Your Soul make a great gift for any woman in your life.

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What Women are saying about Hey Beautiful Postcards:

“I’m am not sure how much more perfect the special message could have been!!!  To my surprise, it was said perfectly and obviously the one meant for me.  I was shocked reading it.  Thank you!” – Michelle, AZ

“These postcards are so powerful and inspiring. All women need these!” – Chelsea, CA

“If you don’t have these you NEED to get them. I just love my set and anytime I need a little pick me up, encouragement or reminder that I am a badass, I just read one of my Hey Beautiful Postcards.  They inspire me every time to keep going.” Tatiana, OR

“I really love my Hey Beautiful Postcards!  They are just what I need to hear when I am feeling down. Just the other day I was feeling like I have been working so hard and not getting anywhere, so I read one of the cards and boy did it help me put things in perspective. I totally recommend them at all woman!! ~ Lisa, NC

“I was given a set by a friend and the timing was perfect. I have been reading one each day and even took some to work to inspire my co-workers.  Whenever I read one it seems to speak to me personally and applies to the battle I am currently facing in my life. They really are fantastic and an amazing gift!” Nicole, AZ