A memory was triggered around an experience I had, when my friend, Shannon Whaley, of Traveling Wild Woman recently wrote

“We’ve lived with our truth in our throats, holding back….” 

For so long, I had this fear about speaking up for myself and sharing my truth with others.  The words would literally get stuck in my throat and would eventually wither away along with my confidence.  I was so scared of what “would” happen if I shared my truths.  I had this story that if I spoke my truth, if I spoke up for myself……

I feared I would be attacked. I would be judged and even worse……. I would be rejected and abandoned, even deprived of the love I so deeply craved.

This fear caused me to lose my voice and disown pieces of myself because it was too difficult to walk through my fear.  My fear was keeping me grounded and stuck.  I was judging myself, holding my tongue, all because I wanted to be loved and accepted.  I found myself shrieking back into my fear.

I wonder if you know what this is like?

It took me along time to become aware of what I was doing and how it was affecting my self confidence.  It also took me just as long to realize that I could do something different.  I could shift my fear and fly beyond the bullshit stories I had been telling myself to keep myself grounded and powerless.  I had the power all along, within myself, I just needed a little guidance.

Shifting FearPart of my journey brought me to working with a spiritual healer who facilitated a guided visualization about transforming fear.  It was beyond powerful and in doing it I had an incredible shift.

In this guided visualization, I explored where my fear was stuck in my body and visualized what it looked like.  Immediately, I felt my throat get tight and it felt like something was stuck in it and then I saw a Black Mamba Snake in my throat coiled around my esophagus and vocal cords.  It started constricting and I began coughing and was having difficulty breathing while I was in my guided mediation.   As I continued in the visualization, the healer had me shift my fear into something else, something liberating, and I immediately felt movement in my throat and then my mouth opened.  (Yes my mouth literally opened, during my meditation). As the Black Mamba moved up my throat and into my mouth it transformed into a beautiful White Dove, which flew out of my mouth and into the air surrounding me.  I watched it fly around for a while. It was so beautiful and breathtaking.

This experience reminded me of the power of shifting and the need to release our fear stories so we can speak our truth, own our power and fly beyond the bullshit.  It inspired me to to continue my journey and empowered me to create a program that would help other women learn to shift their fears, walk through their darkness and own their power so they could liberate themselves from self-judgment.

Because I saw how powerful this was, I created a guided visualization based on my own experience and I want to share that with you now, so you can also work on shifting your fears and fly beyond the bullshit and into your power.  You can access it by clicking below.

Shifting Fear Guided Meditation

Engaging in a guided visualization can help you release things that have been holding you back and allow you to see things from a new perspective.  I would highly recommend journaling about your guided visualization experience when you have finished.  Often, even more clarity comes through the process of writing.  Much of my own personal healing has come from putting pen to paper where I explore my stuff by writing in my journal.  Want to take it to another level? Then I challenge you to create a collage about your fears and how you shifted them.

Fly Beyond the BullshitI should mention that shifting our fear, doesn’t mean it will magically disappear forever, it means that it loosens it’s grip and allows us to gain new perspective.  Through this process we begin to harness our strength and courage which empowers us to brave beyond our fears and fly beyond the bullshit stories that are hindering us from owning our power.

The power to transform your life is already within you, sometimes you just need a guide to walk in the darkness with you.  

Always remember, I’m here and would love for you to schedule a Connection Call with me to talk about how I can support you if flying beyond the bullshit.

Much Love and Support

Amanda (2)