I had some major things happen in my life over the past 9-12 months.  First about ten months ago my husband proposed to me unexpectedly and so perfectly.  It was amazing!!!  Then after Thanksgiving he had some health issues that caused some scare but turned out to be nothing major at all.  On top of all of that, my fiance at the time, wanted to get married sooner rather than later since we have been together almost 6 years.  So we agreed to get married on mid-February which only gave us about 10 weeks to plan our dream week.  I was already busy with normal life so planning our wedding added a ton of stress, although it was exciting, it was also stressful because I already had so much to do.  It seemed so overwhelming, I wonder if you have ever experienced a time like this in your life?

So the question becomes how do you stay focused on what you want to do and what you need to do, when unexpected things happen in your life?  This is something that I worked on while I am planning my wedding, training myself and my clients, working and writing blogs and the Beautiful Knockout Way System.

Find Balance5 Ways for Finding Balance when unexpected things happen to you:

1) Schedule my day:   This means figuring out when I can do what during the day. When is the best time for me to get to the gym, when do I have to do to work, when do I train my clients, when can I schedule time for writing?  For me the best time to workout is in the morning so that means first thing I will get my butt out of bed and hit the gym.  Next I have a day job that requires me to work certain hours so I have to be there, no questions.  Next three nights a week I train clients at a gym and so those three nights I am there.  That leaves me with a couple nights a week to do other things I need to do including prepping my meals for the next day.  So here is a sample of what my typical Tuesday might look like 6am – up  6:30 gym 7:45 get ready for work and eat, 9-5 work, 515 home and eat a quick snack, 530 head to gym for training 830 home prep for next day, 10pm bed.

2) Share the tasks:  When I was planning my wedding I had a great Matron of Honor and she has reminded me that she was available to help me look for vendors and plan.  So part of getting things done without too much stress is sharing the responsibility and allowing others to help me.  Sometimes this is hard for me because I can be a control freak but when I let go, it feels good because I don’t have to do everything myself.  This helps me get more done when someone can help me.

3) Hire out things:  Because I am busy, cleaning the house is something that is typically last on my list, so we have hired a cleaner to help take over that responsibility and that helps me spend that time somewhere else.

4) Time Block:  Block out chunks of time for getting certain tasks done.  So since I don’t work on Fridays, this was a great day for me to do wedding planning.  Now it is a great time for me to write, research, etc. When I set this time aside and I do not get distracted by anything else.  Sometimes this means I have to leave the house or turn off my phone but it is my time to get as much done in the time that I have allowed.  When time is up, its up and I move on to something else.

5) Giving myself grace:  I am notorious for trying to get too much done all at once and underestimating the time things may take especially if I am doing them with someone else.  So I write a weekend to do list instead of a daily to do list and try to keep it priority driven and if I get 6 of 10 things done than I am successful.  I also have a “Got It Done List.”  My focus is typically on what I put on my “Got It Done List.”  By focusing on this list, I am less likely to beat myself up for not getting enough done, because that doesn’t help.  Some days, I am only be able to write one thing down on my Got It Done List and that is success.  Try not to overbook yourself, like I do at times.  Be gentle to yourself and focus on the positives of what you get done instead of what you didn’t – this helps change your mindset and helps you feel more accomplished and the more accomplished you feel the more you will continue to accomplish.

For me these are the keys to getting things done when I am overwhelmed.  I also remember to breathe and move slower because when I start rushing I get anxious and irritated and don’t get much done.  Try to pick one or two of these things when life happens unexpectedly and see how it helps you to get things done.  Remember the goal is finding balance between keeping your sanity and still getting things done!

So find to positive in even the most unexpected things because there was a reason life happened that way.

Always remember that life is what you make and it is beautiful, just like you!! ~ Amanda