IMG_0357Grocery shopping is something that can be quite a struggle especially when it comes to living a fat loss lifestyle.  I have found that it can be confusing and even down right frustrating to make sure you know make healthy choices that are truly going to be help me reach my goals.  Because of this I wanted to make sure that I provided you with some helpful tips that I have learned to help me stay on track in the grocery store and truly make healthy choices to live a fat loss lifestyle.   Here are my top 7  tips you need to know when grocery shopping for your fat loss Lifestyle

1) NEVER ever go shopping when you are hungry.  I have found that it is best to shop after you have eaten because you are more tempted by impulse items when you are hungry.  If it sounds good, that means you are probably hungry.

2) ALWAYS have a list.  Having a list keeps you are target and focused on what you need, not what sounds good.  I know I am less likely to put things in my cart when they are not on my list.  Every once in a while I stray but usually it is because I realize I am low on something I need but always have a list.

IMG_06683) PLAN AHEAD – Before I go to the store or even make a list, I figure out what meals I want to make for the week and then check to see what I need.  I usually make between 4 and 5 meals a week given I make enough for left overs and typically we eat out once per week.  I also think about snacks, breakfasts and lunches. Planning ahead keeps my cost down and allows me to try some new recipes but also still enjoy some of our favorite dishes. I usually try to make at least one new meal a week.   Remember you are only limited by your imagination and fat loss lifestyle food does not have to be boring.

4) Choose REAL Food.  What is “REAL” food you ask?  Well anything that is grown in nature is considered real.  If it came from a plant that grew out of the ground it is “REAL” or came from a living animal.  If it was manufactured in a plant and put in a box and can sit on the shelf for a long time, it is NOT real.  I have found that if I stick to this it helps me stay on track with choosing fat loss lifestyle foods. Ignore claims of fat-free and low calorie.  Food is more than just the number of calories. If you are choosing “real” food they will likely be low in overall calories and more nutrient dense

5) Shop the perimeter of the store. Eating food for a fat-loss lifestyle can be confusing especially if you listen to commercials and the media.   So to avoid all the confusing, and help me stick to #4, I shop the perimeter of the store.  All the “real” food is typically on the perimeter of the grocery store and mostly all the processed food is in the aisles.  I do venture down a few aisle in the grocery store but I am very picky about which ones I need and I only go down them if they are one the list.  Like if I am making enchiladas – I will go get some enchilada sauce on the Mexican aisle.

6) Buy 5 ingredient or less foods with ingredients you can pronounce and know what they are.  Sometimes you have to buy processed foods.  My husband loves ketchup so it is something that I have to occasionally buy and I have found some healthier choices. The more natural a food is with less preservatives or fillers the better.  This is also a great way to teach kids about what is healthy and what is not.  Once you start paying attention to the ingredients you will be more aware of not only what is in your food but you will be able to start to pay attention to how it affects your body.

IMG_03537) Buy Fresh or Frozen Veggies and Fruit – avoid canned.  The main reason is canned food has many preservatives and fillers like sodium and sugar.  When possible buy fresh but sometimes that is not always possible so buy frozen without sauces.  Typically frozen food is picked closer to the natural ripening stage and may even be more nutrient dense than fresh food because it is typically picked before it is ripe and then shipped.  Another great tip is to buy what is in season and even get fresh veggies and fruit from local growers.

These tips should hopefully help you achieve you fat loss lifestyle when grocery shopping.  I have added a few helpful handouts for you to take with you that have suggestions of my favorite foods to put in my cart as well as a print and go grocery shopping planner.

Print and Go Shopping List and Fat Loss Lifestyle Food List

You don’t have to overhaul your diet all at once, remember to make small changes.  These will lead to bring results.  Just by implementing the above 7 tips for Fat-Loss Lifestyle Grocery Shopping you will be ahead of the game.

As always I love to hear your feedback, so please make sure you leave comments about how this information benefited you 🙂

Keep it “REAL” when shopping for food, remember you are what you eat ~ Amanda xoxo