Jade Teta Mindset FailureI am back in Asheville, NC for the 2013 Time Millionaires event with Jade Teta and Jill Coleman (my coach) and some many other wonderful presenters and fitness/health/wellness professionals.  Today we covered a lot about making mindset shifts in business, there was one idea that I found so applicable to life in general.  If you can shift your mindset and change you perspective on failure and help you see the benefit of dealing with failure….. Yes there is a benefit to failure.

Jade Teta shared this mindset shift “No Mistakes…. No Lessons… No Growth…”

When I heard this I knew that this was critical to share.  We all fail at something in our lives and many of us are scared of failing so we don’t try new things.  We worry about what people will think, or how it may look. We don’t want to get hurt or feel the pain and disappointment of failing so we don’t even try.  Then we wonder why things remain the same, and we don’t experience the change we want.  Well let me share a secret, change only comes from growth, growth only comes when you step out of your comfort zone and it all take risks.  When you take risks, there is always a chance you will fail. Failure is an important part of the growth process.

Let’s look at something simple. Most of us learned how to walk, right?  Well, the only way you learned to walk is by trying.  If you are like most children, it took you a while to master walking and I am sure you fell down several times, which is technically failure right?  Well did you stay seated or were you motivated to try again?  As young children many times we continue to do something until we learn it regardless of how many times we fall down and we do this because of our internal drive to succeed and grow, but also because of the encouragement of our parents and family.

Now lets go back to Jade’s mindset shift – No Mistakes…. No Lessons…  No Growth…

The only way we really learn is by making mistakes and failing at things.  I remember in graduate school having a professor return a paper and tell me “This is not master’s level quality and I will not grade it, rewrite it and turn it back in within 2 days.”  That was a major fail, I remember crying all the way home and ready to quit school.  But I didn’t. I rewrote my paper and got a B.  Not too bad for graduate school.  From this I learned what was expected of me and what I would need to do to pass that class.  No other papers were ever returned to me in graduate school.

So let’s looks at where you are at.  You want to make changes for a healthier lifestyle but you are scared because it is new.  This is totally normal and expected.  You might not want to try new things like a recipe I post because you are afraid you might fail and it won’t turn out. (That has happened to me 100 times especially with cooking and that is how I have learned how to cook better.)  If you don’t try, you will never know and if you try and it doesn’t work that is good information for you.  You learn what doesn’t work.

One of my favorite quote from Thomas Edison is “I haven’t failed, I have learned 10,000 ways that don’t work.”  If we shift our perspective to looking at failure as a positive thing and something we can learn from, we facilitate growth.  It may be uncomfortable at times but it feels good when you reach your goals.

Jade Teta Mindset

If you don’t make mistakes, you can’t learn from them, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t work, and you can’t grow.  When you are in this place, it becomes impossible to reach your goals.  So take risks, make mistakes, learn from them and continue to grow.  I firmly believe, that mistakes do not define you as a person, what you do after the mistake does, so learn and grow from your mistakes.

Jade teta My challenge to you – pick one thing that scares the hell out of you and try it.  If you make a mistake, find the lesson and grow from it and try again.    Please share in the comments below what risk you took and how it went, I would love to hear what you learned and how you grew from this experience.

Growth is possible, if you are willing to try ~ Amanda ox