Book cover - Eat The BKO WayI just have to share that I love, love, love to eat good food and when I started training and getting healthier it seemed hard to enjoy the foods I grew up on and still feel good.  Once I cleaned and detoxed unhealthy processed food from my body I really noticed how food made me feel.  When I ate pizza I would say things like, “OMG I can’t believe that I feel this bad” or “I am never gonna eat that again.” However I realized that I enjoy eating pizza and other foods once in a while, so I had to find a way to enjoy good food but also make sure it would fit my new healthier lifestyle.  And I don’t mean eating fat-free or processed crap that says it healthy but really isn’t.  Plus not only do I love good food and am famous for my mac n cheese at The Brown Family Christmas Party (which I still have not been able to find any substitute for, but I only make it once per year), my husband loves food – especially hamburgers, pizza and Mexican.  I swear he could live on those 3 things and he did when I was training for my competition.  So I knew that if I wanted him to eat healthier, I would have to make it easy and also find “real food” substitutes for his favorites.  Well it has taken some time, but I have been able to do it and I want to share that information with everyone I know, who wants that information anyways.

So I wrote my second ebook “Eat the Beautiful Knockout Way” to share what I have learned and what has worked for me and my family.  This isn’t some strict nutrition plan that tells you exactly what to eat, but it provides you with a solid base to make good decisions and figure out what works for you.  I provide recommendations and guidance as to what food to shop for and what foods to avoid, as well as how to figure our your relationship with food (a much under discussed part of why we eat what we eat and when).  I have provided you over 35 recipes with several substitutions so you can enjoy things, like pizza, hamburger buns and even chicken enchiladas.  If you are looking to take control of your nutrition and help yourself and family eat and live a healthier lifestyle, this ebook can help support you on your journey.

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