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Soups On with Italian Tortellini

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So the weather is getting cooler and that means…. I can make some soup! Living in Arizona you have to take advantage of any opportunity to make soup especially between November and February. Let’s face it, no one wants to eat soup when it is 100+ degrees outside, well I know I don’t. Now there are three pretty awesome things about making your own soup: You are in complete control of the ingredients you add, including how much salty, how much broth you have, and whether or not you have……


Summer Salads: Hydrate and Nourish Your Body and Mind

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No Guilt or Restriction here!!

Let’s face it, summer is here and wherever you live it is hot, especially in AZ where I live. Truth be told, when it gets hot I just don’t want to cook and sometimes I don’t want to even grill. So what options are left if you are the only one who cooks or grills in your house????? Well for me that leaves, take out and dine in joints…..

6 Summer Shakes

6 Summer Shakes

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In Arizona summer time starts in late April and doesn’t fully end until November. So usually when this starts to happen, I am looking for something quick and refreshing to have for a snack or meal. Now bars can be great but overall I am not a bar girl, I am a shake it up woman!! There are so many ways that you can doctor up a shake to change the taste and make it refreshing and satisfying. Plus I have found it is a bad ass way to get in some greens especially for people who don’t like to eat them. Why eat them…..

Gyro Style

Gyro Style Pita Sandwich

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If you are like me and my husband, then you too love to eat good food. We don’t discriminate when it comes to food we both pretty much love almost everything, with a few exceptions. So when it comes to me trying to stay within the “healthy” area of food some foods seems like maybe I will never get to enjoy them again, like gyros. Well that is at least until I am able to find, develop, modify and create a version that fits my health conscious mind and still tastes fabulous…..

Paleo Gluten Free Italian Meatball

Paleo Gluten Free Italian Meatball Sandwich

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One of the things that is so important to me with eating heathy is to be able to enjoy some of my favorite foods. And if you are like me, I know you don’t want your food to be bland and boring. I can only eat chicken and broccoli so many ways. Because of this I decided to create a new sandwich that not only my family would love but that would nourish my body. For me food is more than just fuel for my body, it is a way to connect with…..

Squash the Pasta

Squash the Pasta, Squashetti is Here!

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Move over pasta there is a new spaghetti in town, so let’s Squash the Pasta. Spaghetti squash gets its name because when it is cooked it shreds like spaghetti noddles – there is nothing special you need to do, just cook it and shred it with a fork it away from the skin. I have found that not only does my husband love this recipe however, so do my nieces and nephews from the age of 4-16, which means it is Boyfriend/Husband & Kid Approved. By swapping the pasta…..

Skillet Meatloaf

Italian Style Skillet Meatloaf

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I have recently been experimenting with new recipes to expand what we eat at home. Sometimes it is a challenge because I want what we eat to be healthy but I also want it to taste so good that my husband will not only want to eat it again but will rave about it to his friends and I have to say that this recipe was a home run!! Italian Style Skillet Meatloaf Ingredients: 1 pound of grass fed beef -93% lean 1 pound Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage (bulk) 1 large egg 1 tbsp…..

BKO Taco Salad

Beautiful Knockout Taco Salad

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Do you love Mexican food? Well in our house we love Mexican food. The difficult thing is finding a healthy way to enjoy Mexican food night. A long time ago I found this easy recipe that I love and have adapted to be even healthier. Beautiful Knockout Taco Salad Ingredients: 1 green bell pepper – chopped 1 red bell pepper – chopped 1/2 medium onion – finely chopped 3-4 cloves of garlic – finely chopped 1 lb extra lean…..

Chicken Enchiladas

BKO Kitchen Creation #3 – Grain Free Chicken Enchiladas

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It’s no secret that we love Mexican food and hell we live in AZ and there are tons of awesome Mexican restaurants within a 10-15 miles of our home. My husband could actually eat Mexican food every day and in fact when I was training for my first competition he did, burritos. So if I want him to eat healthy (I have said it before) then I have to find healthy yet delicious swaps for him and this recipe is…..


BKO Kitchen Creation #2 – Grain Free Crepes/Tortillas

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Looking for a healthier way to enjoy tortillas? Grain free crepes are so versatile and super healthy plus they are so delicious my husband eats them plain. Grain-Free Crepes Ingredients 1) 2 tbsp Butter Melted 2) 2 eggs 3) 2 tbsp coconut flour 1/3 cup unsweetened plain almond milk Video Directions: I would love to hear what you use these crepes for!! Comment…..

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