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Squash the Pasta

Squash the Pasta, Squashetti is Here!

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Move over pasta there is a new spaghetti in town, so let’s Squash the Pasta. Spaghetti squash gets its name because when it is cooked it shreds like spaghetti noddles – there is nothing special you need to do, just cook it and shred it with a fork it away from the skin. I have found that not only does my husband love this recipe however, so do my nieces and nephews from the age of 4-16, which means it is Boyfriend/Husband & Kid Approved. By swapping the pasta…..

BKO Taco Salad

Beautiful Knockout Taco Salad

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Do you love Mexican food? Well in our house we love Mexican food. The difficult thing is finding a healthy way to enjoy Mexican food night. A long time ago I found this easy recipe that I love and have adapted to be even healthier. Beautiful Knockout Taco Salad Ingredients: 1 green bell pepper – chopped 1 red bell pepper – chopped 1/2 medium onion – finely chopped 3-4 cloves of garlic – finely chopped 1 lb extra lean…..

Strategies for change

Change: 4 Strategies for Success

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Over the past couple years I have been making lots of changes in my life. I started eating differently, working out more, engaging in more self-reflection, and even got married, plus started a business and a whole bunch of other things. It has been quite an incredible process/journey to experience. I still experience lots of challenges and some days I am a complete failure (i.e. don’t workout, turn into my moody old unhappy self loathing self and eat like…..


Knockout Chipotle Chicken Chili

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Fall has started and winter will soon be upon us. It is a great time to enjoy this comfort food many of us grew up loving, Homemade Chili. I have put a spin on my chili that includes more veggies and it is so great even your kids will love. It is husband approved and guaranteed to keep you warm, full and healthy. Knockout Chipotle Chicken Chili. Ingredients: 1.5 pounds of ground chicken (I used…..

Fried Cauliflower Rice

Chicken & Veggie Fried Cauliflower Rice

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Chicken & Veggie Fried Cauliflower Rice I have been working on going grain free – not just gluten-free but grain free. That includes rice, oatmeal along with breads and pastas. I know this may seem a little unreal especially with what we have grown up learning, “that grains are healthy for us.” However as I have learned this may not be so true. Either way, I wanted to share this awesome recipe that…..


What’s In a Name

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I know our name, Beautiful U Fitness University, is long and can be difficult to remember, well at least that is what I have heard. So why then would I have came up with that name? Well let me tell you, I was driving one day and it just came to me (I do my best thinking when I am driving, maybe you can relate). I wanted a name that encompassed the whole mind body connection and it seemed to fit because when I hear…..

wedding kiss

Finding Balance When….

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I got married on February 16, 2013 and I have to say that is was a crazy wild experience. If you have ever planned a wedding and tried to live your life, you probably know finding balance can be difficult. Planning a wedding is a big deal and can be all consuming but finding balance is possible. I had to learn that I how to prioritize things and unfortunately some things got put on the back burner. I have learned a few things about finding balance when planning…..

Strategies to knockout self-sabotage

4 Strategies to Knockout Self-Sabotage

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About 10 months ago I was planning on training for another competition because I was excited to see how I can improve and challenge myself. I had given myself about five months to prepare and work towards this goal. So it was definitely enough time however I blew it. I cheated the whole day and I mean binged the whole day. I had a half order of biscuits and gravy…..


Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

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Autumn is almost here and it is my favorite time of year! This is a great time to celebrate and embrace change and a great time to enjoy pumpkin!! Do you love pumpkin? I do and wanted to find some healthy ways to enjoy it throughout the whole autumn seasoning without eating pumpkin pie every day. So I created Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal. This meal is super yummy and healthy. Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Ingredients…..

Your Secret Weapon

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With the Fall Season upon us and the holiday season around the corner, we will be tempted more now than ever to enjoy something sweet and yummy.  So in order to help you dodge temptation and stay on track I wanted to provide you with a secret weapon.  It will give you strength and is also a healthy alternative to the sugar overload that the holidays will bring. Healthy Hot Chocolate Ingredients: 1-2 tbsp of Unsweetened (preferably raw & organic) Cocoa Power (I prefer Navitas – mixes and tastes the best) 1 Cup Hot Boiling Water or Warm Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (or unsweetened regular) Stevia to taste (Regular or Flavored – maybe peppermint to make a Peppermint Hot Chocolate) 1 tbsp Coconut Oil (organic) – Optional 1 tsp – Cinnamon (Optional) Either boil water or warm milk.  Scoop cocoa powder into coffee mug, once water/milk is at desired temperature, pour …

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