Amanda JP Brown ~ Author, Healer and Warrior

Hello, I’m Amanda and I wasn’t always confident or happy with who I was.  I carried around a tremendous amount of shame around for years about who I thought I was and the choices I had made in the past.  I thought they made me dirty, broken and unlovable.  My negative self talk and low self esteem caused me to disown pieces of myself by hiding who I was and trying to be someone else, someone I thought was “acceptable.”  I was scared that if I shared who I really was, I would be rejected.  My fears controlled me and everything I did and most of the time, I wasn’t even aware it was happening.

My journey through my darkness of shame and self-rejection lead me to create Beautiful Knockout, a place where women can find the power in who they already are and write my first book, You’re Brave Enough: 8 Daily Practices to Be Your Own HERO.  If I have learned anything in life, it is that the only person who can save you is you.  Looking for someone to come save me put me in some danger places and is where I almost lost the essence of who I was.

When I stopped looking for someone else to save me and started to explore my darkness around my path with drug use,I started to experience huge shifts.  I had to let go of the beliefs that I was “bad, dirty and broken” and embrace myself as a women who was trying to be loved and accepted.  I had to accept my imperfections and uniqueness so I could stand tall, speak my truth, release what was holding me back and own my power.

Along my  journey I discovered the importance of balancing your warrior spirit, with your healer’s heart.  I hold a black belt in Kempo, the form of martial arts I discovered along my journey to becoming more confident in who I was and am.  I became a Reiki Master when I realized the power of universal energy in healing our spirit.

I believe we can be both a badass and compassionate. I believe there’s an incredible about of untapped power in embracing not only our darkness but also our femininity. And the one thing I believe above all else is the potential for change by individuals who wake up one day asking… “Who am I and how the fuck did I get here?”

Remember you always have a choice, you are powerful and you just have to be brave enough to take a small step forward.

You have the power to change ~ Amanda