So why boxing, you might ask me  Well for me boxing makes me a badass and I love how I feel after training.

It’s not only for boys, everyone can benefit from boxing, especially women.  Here are the six reasons why “Boxing Makes Me a Badass!”

  1. 1) I get to hit things. Some days I just wanna punch somebody in the face, but I don’t because it’s illegal, so I box :o). Boxing is a great way to effectively manage and release excessive build up of stress hormones like cortisol.  Boxing allows for a physical release of blocked/trapped energy and after 3 minutes on a bag you forget why you were mad in the first place.
  2. 2) I train to fight! When I train to fight, I feel powerful and confident in my ability to handle myself.  This is not only how I feel but it comes across in how I walk and interact with the world.  Sometimes I feel like the world is against me and because I box, I am able to bob and weave when world throws a left and right and then I counter with hook- uppercut to knock out the forces against out. Boxing prepares me for handling the expected things that come my way.
  3. 3) Intimidation – when people hear I box, they don’t mess with me. They know that I am here to win and I can handle myself, so they better watch out. They realize that I am a strong, powerful woman and a force to be reckoned with, so beware.
  4. 4) Cause I don’t punch like a girl and I can take a punch. It’s always great to see someone’s face after they sucker punch me and I don’t fall, then counter back on them with good boxing form – jab, punch, hook, uppercut – good night!  Sometimes the world hits you by surprise and boxing helps you keep your feet grounded while still adjusting quickly, so you don’t fall down.  Boxing has prepared me to take what is thrown at me and then counter back with my own powerful force.
  5. 5) Boxing helps me feel like I can take on and do anything I want to.  There is nothing in this world that I can’t overcome or defeat.  Not only has boxing prepared me for not falling down but in the unlikely event I do get hit hard enough I fall or I slip on my opponents sweat, boxing has taught me to get back up with standing 8 count and face my opponent again.  When making changes in our lives we sometimes struggle because we are moving outside our comfort zone, so our old habits slip us up and pull us back to them.  Boxing is like your referee that helps you to prepare for feeling uncomfortable so you can push through and reach possibility land.
  6. 6) Confident, Strong & Sexy is how boxing makes me feel and to me there is nothing more sexy than, a woman who can handle her business and knock out her opponent. She’s a badass!! And everybody knows it.  Boxing makes all this possible for me.  It builds up my endurance, stamina, and teaches me skills to take one whoever and whatever is in the other corner.

So I ask you why boxing??  Do you want to feel sexy, strong, confident, powerful and unstoppable???  Well you can with boxing.  It will make you a badass too!!