holiday party survival planWe are a week away from Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, however that marks the beginning of holiday parties until the end of 2013.  This can be a challenging time of year.  You want to continue your healthy way of living but you also want to indulge a little.  Plus there is added pressure of which parties to attend.  Well I can’t give you all the answers to that however I have come up with a simple 3 step Holiday Party Survival Plan which will focus on making healthy choices while also allowing yourself some indulges.

One of the biggest things that you will need to first do is move from a fat loss/weight loss way of thinking to a maintenance way of thinking.  From now through the end of the year, it will be important just to maintain where you are, nothing more nothing less just the same.  This might seem difficult however it will help you keep your sanity while enjoying yourself and keep you on track.  So let me share your 3 Step Holiday Party Survival Plan:

1) Surveillance first.  Not only do you have decide which parties to attend but before your fill your plate, walk around the table and see what they have to offer.  Many times I have started filling my plate with things that are alright and I like to eat only to see at the end my favorite thing and I don’t have room so that only means one thing, I have to get another plate.  Well instead of doing that check things out first and decide what you really want to eat.  When you give yourself the opportunity to scout ahead and see what is available you can make a more informed choice.  For example I will forego the regular mashed potatoes and have some of my mom’s homemade stuffing because she only makes it one time per year.  Choose to eat your absolute favorites not just fillers.  This goes for appetizers, drinks and desserts too.

2) DON’T Starve yourself ahead of time.  I know it is easy to say – I won’t eat until I get to mom’s but when you let your body go into starvation mode, you are creating a monster.  So eat ahead of time like you normally would.  This will also help you avoid those filler foods, so you can enjoy your favorites.  Before a party you can even have a large salad to help make better choices because you aren’t starving.

3) Savor every bite.  When you indulge savory, eat or drink it slowly. Allow eat bite to melt in your mouth.  This will help you enjoy what you choose to indulge in more and by doing this you will eat less. So take your time and don’t rush.

Remember that enjoying things you normally don’t is okay and won’t hurt you long term. Focus your mindset on maintenance and less of “weight/fat loss” during this holiday season and see what happens.  Apply these 3 simple steps to surviving the holiday parties and you will feel better.

I would love to hear how they work for you, so please comment below.

oxox Amanda