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Life On the Other Side

Life on the Other Side of Divorce

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I have to admit I never thought I would get divorced. In fact, I never wanted to and remember telling my ex-husband Richard before we go married that I was only doing this once and it was truly death do us part for me. However that wasn’t the case…..
I had this belief growing up that marriage was forever and I didn’t want to be like my parents. I didn’t want to be divorced. I was looking for the fairytale ending. However that isn’t what I got with Richard.
My marriage to……

Before I wrote, I read_3 Books that Changed My Life

Before I Wrote, I Read: 3 Books that Changed My Perceptions

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For the longest time, I stopped reading. I spent so many years in college reading that I was literally burnt out. I didn’t care what it was I didn’t want to read shit. In fact, growing up I was always a slow reader and would find myself getting lost in what I read. I would daydream through the words and then have to re-read what I just spent who knows how long reading. It was a vicious cycle, my little love hate relationship with reading.
However in 2012, I signed up for a coaching program to get……

Fear into Bravery

Turning Fear Into Bravery

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I met Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward in the summer of 2015.  I was drawn to her message to women, empowering them to courageously and fiercely moving forward in life regardless of their past experiences.  She has a vibe that will light the fire within you.
I’ve shared before that for the longest time I turned off my creative and connective writing – no poetry, no song lyrics and definitely no journalling.  I was scared.  Scared of what would come up.  Scared to look at myself. I was disconnected and I felt it…..

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