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Learn Why I Hate Boot Camp!

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I know this might sound weird coming from me since I just ran a 6 Week fat loss boot camp but I HATE boot camps. So let me explain: First, they can be inpersonal. In “typical” boot camps when you join, you just meet the group and the day and time of the class. You bring your stuff and start training. There is no personal one on one with the instructor and you may not even get to meet the other people in the group…..


#livebeautifully campaign

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I recently watched an amazing video from Erin Brown and have to say that it was inspiring. She talked about not taking things personal which is something we all struggle with whether it is getting angry at the person in traffic who cut us off or our partner forgetting a special day or “not saying the right thing.” The fact is we all take things personally and it has been something I have been working on. Here is the link so you can…..

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