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Wonder Power – Cauliflower

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I have been experimenting with going grain free and have found that cauliflower is versatile vegetable that can be substituted for several things. It has been a savior to my lifestyle fitness changes. Many of you have already heard and maybe even tried cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes but did you know you that it has so much more versatility? I have used it…..

Ditch the Scale – It’s a liar

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Do you ever feel like this? Do you want to yell at the scale and maybe stomp it a few times and then throw it across the room? Lord knows I have, especially, when the scale doesn’t reflect all the hard work I have done or healthy food I have eaten. Why are we so focused on the scale, why does that number define our success, why does that make or break our day or better yet …..


6 Reasons Boxing Makes Me a Badass!!

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So why boxing, you might ask me Well for me boxing makes me a badass and I love how I feel after training. It’s not only for boys, everyone can benefit from boxing, especially women. Here are the six reasons why “Boxing Makes Me a Badass!” 1) I get to hit things. Some days I just wanna punch somebody in the face, but I don’t because it’s illegal, so I box ). Boxing is a great …..

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Let’s face we all stay within our comfort zone for pretty much every thing we do. We get dressed the same way, have the same morning routine, drive to work the same way, keep the same hair style for years and even keeping the same old workout routine and meals. Why do you think they call comfort food, comfort food? Because not only does it taste yummy and sparks good feelings …..

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